The Seven Principles 

1. The fatherhood of god. 

2. The brotherhood man. 

3.Communion of spirits and the ministry angels. 

4. The continuous existence of the human soul .

5. Personal responsibility.

6.Compensation  and retribution hereafter for all the good and evil deeds done on earth. 

7.Eternal progress open to every human soul. 

Open circle 

Monday at 7-30pm £2 Donation

Healing Service

Wednesday 7-30pm

Thursday Services 2pm

Due to the Government guidelines on the Coronavirus our church will be closed till further notice.


Thursday 5th

Natasha Harries

Thursday 12th

Gordon Murry

Thursday 19th

Stephen Beecham

Thursday 26th TBA

AII are welcome


Sunday  Service 3pm



Sunday 1st

Darren German.

Sunday 8th

Dawn Reader.

Sunday 15th

Sue Cox & Maureen Salvador.

Sunday 22nd

Mick Blacker &

Katie Gorven-Huges.

Sunday 29th

Reverend Paul Green.

Special events to be arranged


Off road Parking available at the

rear of our church

Our services

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